My horoscopes are disturbingly accurate sometimes…

"I realized that infatuation is almost always the first step to heart break. People think it’s love, but it’s not. Love is real on both ends, infatuation is a false perception of what could be. When you’re infatuated with someone and they don’t return those feelings (which is more then likely the case), or the best they can give is a little flirtation or a little spark of interest back, it’s a miserable feeling the majority of the time the infatuation lasts. The only exception for the consistent miserable feeling are those few, rare moments that make you feel like this person could actually like you, which feeds your hope. So you keep on pursuing. In reality it’s best to not pursue any further. It’s best to drop that person and move on. Which of course is one of the most difficult things to do, but continuing to pursue really won’t lead you anywhere. But when you do stop, you can almost expect that person to come and attempt to provoke your feelings for them again, because they miss the attention. Don’t let that work, because it’s not real. They don’t want to try with you, they just miss you being there to fall back on during a lonely night. That’s when your heart breaks. That’s when you ask yourself, “why doesn’t this person like me back?” and you say things like, “I would be great for them.” Truth is they don’t want you because they want someone else or because there’s something minuscule about you that they don’t like. You would be great for them in theory, but in reality, they’re an asshole and they wouldn’t be capable of being great for you. That minuscule thing they don’t like will be adored by someone else. You probably have people infatuated with you and you don’t even give them the time of day. It’s a terrible food chain of infatuation, really. And the only time infatuation is ever actually a good thing is if the other person is infatuated with you too. Which is something the both of you would know. However I think that’s potentially the first step towards love."

- Kaitlin Ide (via namemeharmony)


Les Mis - On My Own

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“On my own”